The New Era of Fishing Competitions

E-FISHLEAGUE represents the evolution of fishing competitions, bringing digitization and flexibility to the heart of sport fishing. Inspired by the Bytefish platform, a pioneer in the modernization of fishing tournaments since 2017, E-FISHLEAGUE extends this innovation, offering an adaptable structure for competitions that are fully managed and validated digitally.

Origins and Inspiration

Originating from the success of Bytefish, E-FISHLEAGUE carries forward the mission of transforming the organization of fishing events. By eliminating manual and error-prone processes, it facilitates tournament management, democratizing access to competition and elevating fairness and transparency.

How Does It Work?

E-FISHLEAGUE allows participants to submit catches via the platform, where they are validated by the organization. This method simplifies participation, opening the doors to a global community of anglers, without the need for physical displacement.

Main Features

  • Digital Submission and Validation: Simplifies the logistics of tournaments, from the submission of catches to their validation.
  • Duration Flexibility: The organization defines the duration of tournaments, which can vary from a single day to several months.
  • Global Access: Allows anglers from any location to participate, expanding the reach of competitions.
  • Fairness and Transparency: Ensures the integrity of tournaments, with a centralized validation system.


E-FISHLEAGUE invites everyone to participate in this new phase of sport fishing, where passion for fishing meets technological innovation. We are committed to making fishing competitions more accessible, exciting, and fair for the global sport fishing community. Join us on this revolutionary digital journey in the world of fishing!

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