Introducing ByteClash

Welcome to ByteClash, the latest innovation designed with fun and healthy competition among friends in mind, coming to you under the wide umbrella of Bytefish, the platform you already know and love. At ByteClash, we believe that true magic happens when we bring friends, challenges, and a whole lot of fun together in one place.

Key Features

ByteClash allows you to create personalized \"Clashes\" with up to 4 of your friends, where you can set the rules, define the challenges, and compete in an environment that's exclusively yours. Whether it's to find out who is the undisputed master of trivia, art competitions, fitness challenges, or any other skill you wish to test, ByteClash is the perfect stage for it.

How It Works?

  1. Creating a Clash: Start by forming your group, choosing up to 4 friends you want to compete with.
  2. Setting the Rules: Together, you set the game rules. Everything is customizable, from the duration of the Clash, the types of challenges, to how the winners will be determined.
  3. Competition: With everything set, it's time to compete! Share and confront your skills, always keeping the spirit of fun and fair play.
  4. Sharing and Fun: Beyond competing, ByteClash is a platform for sharing moments, laughing at failed attempts, and celebrating achievements. All in a safe and friendly environment.

Why ByteClash?

Choosing ByteClash means opting for unforgettable moments with your friends. Here, each Clash is more than a competition; it's a story of camaraderie, overcoming challenges, and lots of shared laughter. It's an opportunity to strengthen bonds, test limits, and above all, have fun together.

Join Us!

Are you ready to take your friendships to the next level? ByteClash is waiting for you and your friends. Create your first Clash today and start the adventure. Remember: at ByteClash, everyone is a winner when the prize is fun and friendship.

17 Tournaments

DateAuthorType of tournamentTable link
2024-01-18Tiago César Mota LemosSolo (g)Here
2024-01-27José Fernando Martins RioSolo (g)Here
2024-01-28João RamosSolo (g)Here
2024-01-31Sérgio RibeiroSolo (g)Here
2024-05-07PauliusSolo (g)Here
1997-02-05Miguel PintoSolo (g)Here
2024-05-08André GomesSolo (g)Here
2024-06-01Sérgio MonteiroSolo (g)Here
2024-06-01Sérgio MonteiroSolo (g)Here
2024-06-01Ricardo valente Mendes da SilvaSolo (g)Here
2024-05-29Daniel Afonso SanchesSolo (cm)Here
2024-06-05AldoSolo (g)Here
2024-06-08lucio pedrosaSolo (g)Here
2024-06-26Tiago César Mota LemosSolo (g)Here
2024-06-26Sérgio RibeiroSolo (g)Here
2024-06-29Tiago César Mota LemosSolo (g)Here
2024-07-17Tiago César Mota LemosSolo (g)Here